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In real life, they’re members of the mongoose family who work in extremely sophisticated, caring, collaborative groups known as Mobs.

Meerkatz helps you grow your business by providing access to a close-knit referral network whose sole purpose is to help other Members of the network grow their business.

Mobs are what we call our business networking groups. Why Mob? In the wild, meerkats gather in cooperative groups that naturalists have branded “Mobs.” These structured, highly sophisticated circles care for and support one another, just like yours will.

Our proprietary software is designed to make business networking easy. The structure of our site is designed to optimize the ability to organize and communicate within your Meerkatz Mob so that the whole group is motivated and able to seamlessly share information at any scale.

When you find a Mob you want to join, first check to see if there are open seats. If there are, simply send the Alpha Member a request to join. The Alpha will then have the option to approve or deny your request. You can also join by invitation from another Member of the Mob. If there are no open seats, there may be seats for sale that you can purchase.

If a Mob has built up ranking, that means it is active, lucrative, and worth the money it may cost you to buy a seat. Active Mobs translate into referrals that are financially rewarding.

Meerkatz is free to join. You can also start or join a 5 seat Mob for free. Higher seat Mobs require a very low membership fee.

Just as in nature, an Alpha is the Member who originates a Mob in Meerkatz.

The Alpha approves requests to join a Mob. Additionally, the Alpha can deny or remove Members from a Mob if they are not productive to the purposes of the business networking group.

The only differences are the number of Members who can join the Mob and the potential cost per seat to form or join.

You must leave your current Mob before joining a new Mob of the same size. However, you’re always free to join or start a new, different-sized Mob.

The Mob’s Alpha receives your request and if accepted, you will receive an email with a link to join the Mob. Once you’ve confirmed your membership, you’re free to begin sending and receiving business referrals right away.

If you are the Alpha member and there are no other members in your Mob, the Mob will terminate. Otherwise, there are no consequences for leaving a Mob.

Meerkatz Mobs start with a minimum of 5, and can grow to 25 Members. There are 4 different Mob sizes. 5, 10, 15, and 25.

You can be a Member of up to 4 Meerkatz Mobs at a time, 1 of each size. There are 4 Mob sizes: 5, 10, 15 and 25 Members.

Unlike most local business referral networking groups that require attendance at group meetings, Meerkatz is designed to enable referrals to take place without having to be physically present. However, if your Mob chooses to meet in person for any reason, that is your option.

Mobs are ranked through Meerkatz’s proprietary patent-pending algorithm, which takes into consideration the number and quality of referrals, longevity of the Mob, and number of vacant seats (vacant seats hurt a Mobs ranking). In essence, it literally pays to be a part of an active referral group.

Both. Meerkatz is a referral network that is functional for any and all scales and locales of business. This is just one of the reasons why it is such a valued tool for business networking groups.

You don’t necessarily have to sell your own seat in your Mob. You can sell your seat if you retire or your circumstances change and you no longer need or want to network. You may choose to sell your seat to begin or focus on another Mob you own or are a part of.

There are no set prices – the price is whatever you think your seat is worth. You may look at similarly ranked Mobs to get an idea of what others have priced their seats at.

Yes - you can change the price at anytime.

After the buyer pays for the purchase, you will receive 75% of the sale price either by bank transfer or check. 20% is credited to the Mob’s account, and 5% is paid to Meerkatz.

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