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No investment needed to transform you into a referral generating powerhouse.

Mike is an attorney looking to grow his law practice. Print ads are a thing of the past so he looks at advertising online but pay-per-click rates for his practice are sky high. He decides to revamp his website and work on SEO but that can take months or years before his ranking improves and top search engine ranking is not guaranteed. Traditional networking is another option but Mike is not the type to attend meetings, give speeches and he doesn’t like the high membership fees.  Mike then looks to joining a highly effective Meerkatz Mob for free where he’s part of a closely-knit group with a common goal to grow their business through sending and receiving high quality referrals while building equity which they can sell in case they decide to leave or retire.

  • Mike

Manny, a residential real estate agent, moved to a new city to be closer to his elderly parents.  Manny doesn’t know anyone in his new town and re-establishing his business is a challenge.  In his old town, Manny received referrals from escrow agents, loan brokers and commercial brokers.  Manny can start cold calling, schedule meetings, buy lunch and dinners and send gifts, all in hopes that one of these new contacts remembered to send him a referral.  But Manny has another option – rather than blindly farm for a referral base, he can join an established Meerkatz Mob with members most likely to send him referrals.  This doesn’t mean Manny has to stop traditional networking – as he expands his referral base, he can start his own Mob and invite his new contacts to join him for even more referrals

  • Manny

Bob has been a trusted electrician for 25 years in his local community. Bob has a group of other contractors who he regularly refers to his customers for nonelectrical tasks. If Bob installs lights, he refers Jim for fixing the drywall, and refers Peter to finish the paint. The referrals provide Bob and other members of his network a steady stream of income. Bob is now ready to retire and enjoy the fruits of his labor. In a typical scenario, Bob would inform the members of his network that he’s retiring and ride off into the sunset – there’s no way to monetize his years of hard work. But if Bob and his network were Meerkatz members, Bob could list his seat for sale. Imagine what another electrician would pay to be part of an established referral network that guarantees a steady income stream.

  • Bob

The examples are depiction of characters for illustration purposes only and do not reflect actual individuals.

The sign up process is free and so simple even a real meerkat could do it.

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