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Focused on Increasing Your Income

Our tools are designed to meet the needs of the pro and not so pro networker.
Find out why members choose Meerkatz to grow their business.
It all starts with a powerful Dashboard.

The proprietary Dashboard provides a centralized location to view everything Meerkatz from a list of your Mobs, Ranking, Messages, and of course Referrals.

Finding members is easy, intuitive and there's always somebody worth adding to your mob!

Meerkatz Dashboard

One screen to access all that's important

Start a Mob within minutes or find one that fits your goals.

Starting a mob is easy but joining is even easier with little effort.

Meerkatz Mobs

Join up to 4 Mobs to maximize your referral network

Find and invite members to join your Mob.

Choosing to invite members from the same profession as yours is always a good idea for your Mobs!

Members Management

Refer or message your circle with one-click

The custom Message Board lets you easily communicate with members of your Mob or the entire Meerkatz community.

Like in any business, communication is key and Meerkatz provides all the means to make it work.

Meerkatz Messaging

Messaging made simple

Send and receive referrals with ease. You can set your preferences to receive an email every time you receive a referral.

Sending & receiving referrals has never been this easy. Thank you, Meerkatz!

Referral is Key

Become a power networker with ease

Buy or sell seats on the proprietary Listing Market.

It's always good to know that your efforts are never wasted, and the system works perfectly.

Seat Sales

Monetize your hard work

Looking to hire? Post a job on the Meerkatz Job Listing board.

This serves as an interesting and welcomed addition to everything else that Meerkatz can do for you.

Post a job or find your next one!
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